Karla Spice Babadoll Video

December 7, 2009

This weeks Karla Spice video is an update of  Dotted Babydoll has been released. In this video  Karla Spice looks really  amazing , she’s showing off her sexy Latina ass and wet body.  Karla Spice grew up to become one the sexiest latina model that we all enjoy to see everyday. Please enjoy this video and register now to gain access to 9 additional sites of some the sexiest Latinas!


Karla Spice ass’s Flying High

November 10, 2009

Karla Spice pussy

Today Karla Spice gallery is another sexy set. Karla Spice ass is flying high in the mountain. She’s wearing a sexy top and tight jean for some naughty photoshoot. As the shoot progress Karla took off the jeans to reveal her massive Latina ass and also expose her huge tits. Go to Karla’s official website for more topless pictures!

Karla Spice Naughty Girlfriends Video

November 9, 2009

Karla Spice naughty girlfriend Video

Kitty Klimax and Karla Spice has released anothe sexy video. Karla Spice naughty girlfriend video has lot of topless shot and featured these two hot Latinas  having a pillow fight, playing and touching each other.   Together, they always bring some of the sexiest videos. Enjoy these two girls in all there sexuality, but if you want to see the full topless version of this video, click here!

Karla Spice Ruffled View Gallery

November 3, 2009


Karla Spice ruffled View gallery is another sexy set that she just release today. Karla spice is dress as a sexy kitten dancing and playing in front of a mirror. This set as more than 150 pictures of which the majority of them are compose of the most beautiful topless pictures of Karla Spice tits and also some amazing shots of Karla Spice ass. Enjoy this gallery and don’t forget to go to Karla’s official site for full accsess of this topless gallery!

Karla Spice Naked Pictures

October 27, 2009

Karla Spice Sweet Dreams

  Karla Spice naked pictures gallery  is full of topless  shot of karla’s massive breast and also some amazing shots of her latina ass. Please enjoy this gallery and if you like it go to her official site for more pictures and videos.

Karla Spice Sun Tanning Pictures

October 22, 2009

Karla Spice Sun Tanning

Karla Spice sun tanning gallery has just released. The very anticipated gallery was well reiceved by Karla’s fans. In this picture gallerie there are tons of pictures of Karla Spice breast and also many close up shots of Karla Spice pussy. I hope you enjoy this preview and without hesitation go and join Karla’s ofiicial website  for the full set of this gallery.

Karla Spice Hot Wet Latina Body

September 14, 2009


Karla Spice loves being outside and gets her body wet, she loves going to the beach and messing around with her sexy Latina friends. She loves sporting tiny little bikinis and sometimes even stays totally naked. Karla work so hard for that sexy body that she cannot stop looking and touching herself. So, when her photographer told her that this shoot was going to outside and mention something about a wet t-shirt, Karla knew she was going to killed it. In this shoot Karla wore a white t-shirt and tight denim short, she pick up a hose and started pouring water all over her sexy body. 

 Pretty soon things started to heat up and Karla Spice started reaping that wet t-shirt off her body revealing her two massive tits with her nipples pocking out by the freezing stench of the water. Then Karla did not waste any time to show us her perfect bubble butt. Karla Spice wet body was too hot for her fans to handle and she knew this shoot was going to be so hot, that the next day after the pictures were posted the comment section on her Karla spice’s blog were loaded with compliments from her adoring fans. For more Karla Spice check out her official bog at Karlapice.com

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